Friday, 29 May 2009


May 2009.
3rd - it has been one year.
3rd - Live at Leeds, for the third time
3rd - saw 3 of the boys ever to have meant something to me at one point in my life.
3rd - 3 hour wait to see The Maccabees.

The Maccabees - Wall Of Arms is Mays album.
I might ever dare to say, its better than the first?
Developed, progressed so much. More mature.

Through these eyes
There's no god above me
No devil below me
No purgatory, no pearly gates
The worms are what await me.

It's only me that can forgive me
and I have faith, oh...I have faith
I have faith, oh...I have faith
In those who put up with me.

Fitting to the first 3rd point, I think. and I did keep with it. On several occasions when I could have slipped, but like the Maccabees, I think ive matured also.

Friday, 24 April 2009

200 Million Thousand.

So I never did keep up with the whole Album of the month thing. Thought i'm still keeping to saying Black Lips is album of February.
And since then, I cant recall any albums from the months since, and there's only been two!

Anyway. So, id say 200 Million Thousand is probably their third best album. Man, they've gotten lazy for sure.
As much as I love Joe Bradley, he aint the best writer in the world which I'm thinking he has written a few of these. But even still they have a faint innocent charm about them with the lyrics an all.

And, you know, on the songs I'll be with you and Old Man. I think its some intentional shit they were pulling with the blatant rehashing of previous song melodies. And, it kinda works. Its "ghetto" is stealing anyway, as Jared would say. And how more ghetto can you get than stealing from yourself?!

And about I'll be with you. Its just my personal take on it, but I reckon its about Jared's best buddy Bobby Ubangi? Bobby has some incurable fatal disease, so it kinda makes sense. Also, in some footage of a show they did in France, during the song, Jared starts going mad, shouting he has aids and how hes gonna die. And another thing that got me thinking. The song rips from Dirty Hands in which some lyrics are "Me and Bobby went to the beach this summer..". Who knows.
Oh and I saw God is fucking amazing.

You know, despite me saying that its their third best, it still has some real strong songs on it. There's just around 3 that, if they'd have been missed out, It could have been perfection.

Friday, 20 February 2009


Seriously. Went like this..

Drinking since 5.
Pissing behind small walls. (Ha the night did include urine after all Bonnie!)
Crazy bus driver shouting at us all the way down the bus.
More drinking.

Dancing like looons.
Falling over.
Talking to Spaniards.
Looking at Sweeds.
Falling over.
Falling onstage.
Dancing onstage.
Being dragged offstage.
Meeting Black Lips.
Stealing Beer.
T Shirts.
More Dancing.
More Drinking.
Walking home.
Wrong street.

Equals next day..

Unexplainable massive bruises.
Sweaty shirt arguing.
Getting on buses.
Getting off buses.
Almost loosing each other on buses.
Too much noise on buses.
Hazy hazy walking through town.
Feeling sick.
Home :(

Still ill two days on...

Friday, 30 January 2009


First results from my Holga camera. I pretty disappointed actually.

My fault, as I pissed it up by putting in a 12 frame, but then taking pictures like there was a 16 frame in it, so some of the more interesting ones weren't even developed. Oh well, as least I'll know for next time.

Sunday, 18 January 2009

Make sounds

Which I shall. I have been meaning to actually, but Avey Tare telling me to do so has made me more eager to get started with it.

Saturday, 10 January 2009

Keep it real, keep it real, shout out!

So I've decided, mainly due to boredom, that I shall make a post. And its going to be! Yay.

So for the past month I've been going on and on about this band called Animal Collective, who happen to be releasing their 9th album on Monday! And whom I happen to be seeing on Wednesday!

I was pretty naughty and illegally downloaded the album. Which is how I know and can proclaim, that it is infact, THE ALBUM OF THE MONTH! (possibly year, but its way too early to call that) and due to that fact, I will go out an exchange some shiny shiny coins for it.

I personally prefer the later AC stuff, more upbeat, more variety and importantly, words which is what makes Merriweather Post Pavilion so good and leads on nicely from Strawberry Jam/the Water Curses EP

So, I would definitely recommend this album. I'd say its their second best album (after SJ)Standout tracks are;
My Girls, Brothersport and Summertime Clothes.

That's basically it kids! Tune in next month when I can pretty much guarantee that I'll be saying The Black Lips - 200 million thousand is February's album of the month.

Tuesday, 6 January 2009

My Ukulele...

So far on my ukulele I can play;

5 Years Time - Noah and the Whale
Postcards From Italy - Beirut
Railway House - Patrick Wolf.

That is all! But I think thats pretty good. It is new. I do love it.